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CARA Charities on RaceDrive® is shown in these Categories - Community Programs

CARA Charities - teaming up with the Motorsports family for more than 25 years to support childrens charities.

Championship Auto Racing Auxiliary was founded in 1981 to serve the professional auto racing community through charitable work and to promote the friendships of those involved in the Motorsports family.

CARA Charities occupies a special place in the Motorsports community.

Since its founding, CARA has donated more than $4 million dollars to dozens of philanthropic causes helping children, hospitals, scholarship funds, ministries and numerous charitable foundations.

CARA is also about community.

It is the racing family giving of itself, not only in dollars, but in contributions of self.

Over the course of the year, members have frequent volunteer opportunities to work and make an impact in the lives of others.


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