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Formula 1000 on RaceDrive® is shown in the - Formula Car Series Category:

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Formula 1000 - The intent of Formula 1000 is to create a class that offers high performance at a low cost, in an open-wheel package.

Its tempting to call Formula 1000 an open-wheel version of DSR but there are significant differences in the engine rules.

While DSR permits several engine types, F1000 will only permit 1000cc 4 cylinder motorcycle engines.

While DSR permits many modifications to the motorcycle engine within the displacement limit, F1000 will endeavor to keep the engine at or near stock.

By removing the heavy automotive-based engine and gearbox and replacing it with a lighter motorcycle engine with integral gearbox, the package will provide a lighter package and higher performance.

By keeping the engines at stock preparation levels, the cost will be held relatively low, much lower than current automotive engines and reliability will be increased.


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