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Goodguys AutoCross on RaceDrive® is shown in these Categories - AutoCross - Slalom - Gymkhana - Solodex - Solo 2 Events

Goodguys AutoCross - Goodguys AutoCross is the opportunity for registered participants at our shows to put their Street Rod, Truck or Street Machine through the paces to test their driving skills and see how their car handles in a performance situation.

The Goodguys AutoCross course is situated inside the event venue and will have plenty of turns and curves to test even the best tuned suspension among other things.

All participants will be timed and at the end of the event, one winner from each of the Street Rod, Truck and Street Machine classes will take home an award and gift certificates from sponsors.

The prizes will be presented during the Sunday awards show. Seat belts and a valid drivers license are required and you must be 18 years or older to drive the course.


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