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Visit Website: http://www.hero.org.uk/
Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation - HERO

HERO is a club recognised by the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association (the MSA - the official governing body for motor sport in the UK, affiliated to the FIA) and, through its membership of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, is affiliated to FIVA - the Fdration Internationale des Vhicules Anciens.

HERO was formed as the organizing body of the London - Cape Town Classic Reliability Trial, which took place on 23 October - 1 December 1998; and of other rallies organized by our team.

Club Membership is open to all actual and intending competitors on LE JOG, the Classic Malts Scottish Six Day Reliability Trial, London - Lisbon, the Inca Trail and all our other events; and to anyone else with an interest in rallying of this kind. An initial meeting to set up HERO was held on Sunday 20th October 1996.


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