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Visit Website: http://www.kool3.com
KOOL3 System is a patent-pending personal cooling device that relies on solid-state thermo-electric technology to circulate chilled water throughout a unique garment worn beneath a driver's protective suit.

Kool3 After over two years in development, Action Circuit Productions would like to present our efforts in presenting the new standard in personal cooling systems.

The maintenance-free KOOL3 operates on 12V DC power, and will provide cooling (or warming) as long as there is 12V power provided. Drawing less than 8 amps and the Premier Pro model weighing only 8 lbs., KOOL3 system provides safety against extreme body heat health related problems for any length of time of a race.

Designed with driver safety in mind, the cooling potential of the KOOL3 has been proven to increase personal performance by 54% and reduce perspiration by 50%

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