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MK Technologies on RaceDrive® is shown in the - Alignment Platforms Category:

MK Technologies is also shown in the Scales, Turn Plates Categories

MK Technologies chassis alignment & pit equipment - The racing world is the nucleus of the automotive industries' high-technology focus. MK Technologies believes there is a need to bring true technological answers to the challenges that race technicians face. We have designed a series of chassis alignment equipment that meets your racing technology objectives. Just like our scale platforms and chassis alignment equipment, MK Technologies pit equipment uses innovative design and all aluminum construction to meet the high standards of racers.

Today MK Technologies is the recognized leader in the race support equipment field, and their ever-expanding line of advanced chassis alignment products has reached markets around the world. In addition, the company has a complete design, prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing facility.

MK Technologies currently has a staff of six, most of whom hold certificates in mechanical or engineering technology.

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