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options  Details of "Race sherpa™ Racing Subject Matter Expert VIP Race Services"

Race sherpa™ Racing Subject Matter Expert VIP Race Services on RaceDrive® is shown in the - Corporate Hospitality Category:

Race sherpa™ Racing Subject Matter Expert VIP Race Services is also shown in the Racing Subject Matter Experts, Hospitality Services, Race Event Services, Public Relations Firms and Services, Mobile and Event Marketing, Marketing Services Categories

Race sherpa™ - NOT your typical tour guides - Your own private label Race sherpa™ is your Racing Subject Matter Expert and Race Color Commentary person for your V.I.P. Guests trackside

What team wouldn't love to win - Every weekend ? What sponsor wouldn't love to be in Victory Circle - at Each Event ? Who wouldn't want to be a part of that "Victory" ?

Race sherpa V.I.P. Race-Host Services Provides for a Winning Race weekend !

How's this you ask ? The interaction that takes place "behind the racing scene" with your selected V.I.P.'s and the Race sherpa at the Motorsport Event of your choice will make it a Winning Race Weekend.

The Race sherpa is dedicated to ensuring that your V.I.P.'s have the richest race event possible.

Your Race sherpa becomes the racing knowledge go-to person and as such will bring a new found focus to your V.I.P. guests and ease the demands of the overall racing oper...


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