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Visit Website: http://www.racelegal.com
RaceLegal.com - Nationally, illegal street racing is claiming hundreds of lives and injuring thousands annually. As recently as 2002 San Diego County was no exception to this highly dangerous youth oriented risk-taking behavior. Illegal street races are notorious for being poorly controlled and randomly organized. They also operate with a minimum of rules and safety measures.

New communicative technology such as websites, cell phones and underground publications as well as a new generation with more free time, financial resources and a passion for speed has significantly heightened the risk for both participants and bystanders.

During 2002 San Diego suffered the devastation of 16 fatalities and 31 serious injuries as a direct result of illegal street racing activity.

Year 2005 has produced a remarkable 94 % improvement in illegal street racing related mortality/morbidity when compared to the baseline year of 2002.


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