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Racin' Thru the Raindrops - Started by working on a supposed history of auto racing in the Greater Vancouver, BC area.

It started with four tracks myself, and a friend, were aware of: Digney Speedway, False Creek Speedway, Haney Speedway and Langley Speedway.

We thought they followed one after the other but that wasn't quite correct.

And the further I researched -- he went back to spending time and a lot of money on a race car, I stuck with time and a little less money on research.

The more I realized the less I knew about this area and the areas that came in contact with this area vis a vis auto racing.

The book we were supposed to write unfortunately hasn't materialized yet although some information has seen print.

Along the way I've met some people with a greater zest for racing history than I have.

Plus they had a greater knowledge as they'd lived it.

They've helped ...


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