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United Group LLC on RaceDrive® is shown in these Categories - Mobile Suites

United Group LLC is a company that offers Mobile Suites to help meet your marketing and hospitality needs at many events. The Suites are suitable for use at sporting events, trade show/conventions, corporate functions, etc. These suites provide you with that creative edge to make your next marketing, advertising, or public relations event a success. The two-suite trailer can comfortably accommodate 40-50 guests per suite, or 100+ guests if the two suites are converted into one.

The one-suite trailer can accommodate up to 70 guests. Each suite consists of four areas, one of which is a luxurious, climate-controlled indoor lounge area with comfortable seating, featuring a serving area, including countertops and cabinets, a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and television.

Each unit is enhanced with carpeting, windows, accent lighting, attractive and comfortable furnishings, including a private restroom.


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